Fundamental Features For Your Kitchen

Selma Zaifoglu

The central elements of design are space, line, form, colour, and texture. Learning about these concepts and their applications will help you make your kitchen look good and feel good for all that enter your space!

Less is more when it comes to the modern kitchen, and you won’t find cluttered benchtops or fussy accessories. Instead, personality is brought in through practical features such as coloured splashbacks using Onyx or marble.

Today, onyx symbolizes extravagant luxury in modern kitchen design. Onyx can be backlit, due to the translucency of the stone. Backlit onyx creates a dramatic impact while becoming the focal point of the room.

Marble is an all-natural stone product that is mined from the earth. It offers timeless beauty and white brightness.  Despite its classic looks, marble is also one of the less expensive choices in natural, hard-wearing stone surfaces.  Marble is heat resistant, therefore kitchen marble won’t yellow due to the heat and can withstand the occasional spark on its surface.  Its drawback though is that it is porous and can stain if not cared for correctly.

Another idea we absolutely love is the use of glass-fronted cabinets or vitrines as additional kitchen storage. While the concept seems rather traditional, these types of cabinets can easily fit into any style of kitchen.  A cabinet with glass doors allows for practical storage as well as bringing a luxury element into your kitchen.  It also allows your dishes to become part of the show – a focal point.

So much character is added to a kitchen if your gorgeous collections of china, glassware, and vases are in plain view. In fact, with the current trend focus on more individual, lived-in interiors and décor, your crockery doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive. It just has to be you.

Indoor Herb Gardens

Selma Zaifoglu

In today’s rushed life having a tranquil, green space to escape to within your home is virtually essential. Indoor herb gardens are a perfect way to take advantage of their functionality & beauty

Cooking in Style with Gaggenau and PITT Cooking

Selma Zaifoglu

When it comes to Linear Concepts top picks for Cooking in Style, we are torn between the stunning finishes and design by Gaggenau and the new innovative technology and cutting-edge design from PITT Cooking. When we think of the term cooking in style, both cooking ranges come straight to mind for various reasons.

Splash Back are Making a Come Back

Selma Zaifoglu

The ideal ways to work on the best setup is to do your wall finishing and plash backs in a modern and inviting manner. To start off, use wall paints that are washable. Secondly, try to use earthy and mute colours. When it comes to plash backs its best to make use of the same colour as your worktop throughout the kitchen. Another option to consider would be, coloured glass splash backs that complement the rest of the colours throughout to create a peaceful or bold design. The other way to accent the space would be to place wall paneling in a simple linear manner, using a mute colour or wood venire touch that harmonizes the space.

One mistake that spoils a unique kitchen design is trying to have everything competing for the fore=ground. This ends up creating a cluttered design in the space. The elements that can hinder the design is the use of busy mosaic splash backs or colourful retro wall paint.


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