Q&A: Extractor Fans in the Kitchen

The Linear Concepts team answers your questions about kitchen extractor fans.

Can you offer some pros and cons of recirculation versus extraction fans?

Recirculation is preferred to duct-out mostly when the interior of the kitchen is decided after the house has been built and for those properties where an outside wall isn’t available, such as an apartment. It saves the client money and time not having to involve the builder.

There are some negative aspects to recirculation. The housing can take up a lot of needed space in the design of an island or a built-in extractor placed in a flap-up.

What are the most popular types of cooker hoods currently on the market?

The most popular cooker hoods on the market are the downdraft and built-in extractors. These are common due to the sleek and seamless look that compliments most modern designs.

These two extractors are hidden yet fully functional and allow the user to have a functional and beautiful kitchen without making any compromise. The downdraft technology adds an element of interest when rising from the island that can wow guests.

What about finish and colour?

The finish and colour of an extractor affect the design of a kitchen. The black glass look is used most often in our designs as it complements other appliances chosen for the kitchen. The classic silver is also a safe and design-friendly option to choose as it will not clash with other elements in the kitchen.

Please advise how your choice of extractor can influence the overall look of your kitchen composition?

The exposed or integrated extractor can have a great impact on the composition of a kitchen. With the exposed option, the aesthetics are compromised to an extent, and for the integrated option, the storage space is compromised. It is important, therefore, to understand your priorities for your kitchen.

Other extractors such as those which hang from the ceiling are not advisable as they can distract from the kitchen design. Pendants are a better option when used to highlight the feature island of a kitchen instead of a hanging extractor.  We recommend extractors that offer more functional qualities instead of using it purely for aesthetic purposes.

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