The Age-Old Question: Brass Versus Copper?

We all have fond memories of sitting in Granny’s kitchen, surrounded by her copper pots and gleaming brass taps. However, the world has certainly evolved since those times. The plastic period, as some like to call it, has now started to give way to the era of metals once again. Copper and brass, especially with a vintage finish, are the latest revelation in the world of interior design of homes. Metallics offer a simple and effortless touch of style to any room. Currently, adding a touch of brass or copper to your interior decoration is synonymous with a vanguard look.

With this trend it’s best to keep it simple when using metallics in the home; too much metal and it becomes overdone so opt for accents here and there – a brass lantern next to the fireplace, for example, or a statement pendant copper light in a clean white room offset with touches of black and light grey. Choose different styles, finishes and textures, too, for a natural – rather than contrived – look.

In the kitchen, introduce metallics with accessories, cutlery and a small appliance perhaps. One of the best ways to incorporate brass and copper in the home is through lighting. Statement-making without being too flashy, a metallic pendant light will look good in most areas. For timeless yet contemporary styles, go for a copper bowl pendant lamp.

Brass finishes have always been a constant, timeless look in the home and especially kitchens, whilst copper is a more modern addition. Now we are seeing less and less copper accents and find that brass, with its agelessness, is making a strong reappearance. Going forward the use of brass elements instead of copper will become more prevalent, due to its endurance and intransience.

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